Why do I limit myself?

Why do I limit myself?

Almost every single one of us has found ourselves thinking that life is unfair or wondering why they can seem to catch a break. While it is entirely normal and a part of growing to feel this way about life from time to time, it is a realisation that we are in control of the majority of circumstances that end up happening to us.

Many individuals who have endured challenging periods will often begin to step back from taking risks or pushing for new experiences, fearing falling back into a negative mindset or simply failing. Many recovering addicts will fall into this category of people. Sobriety is challenging; individuals often stop living once they have reached sobriety through fear of relapse.

Start living after sobriety

When it comes to individuals who have reached the road to sobriety, one of the main tell-tale signs that will be a deciding factor on whether an individual will relapse is how they continue to live their life after their drug addiction period. Individuals who have a positive mindset, are up for new experiences, meet new friends and go on new adventures are significantly less likely to replace. They will fill their lives up so positively that they do not have time to reminisce or even begin craving the illicit substances they once couldn’t live without.

However, if an individual decides during their sobriety they are going to isolate themselves, not make new healthy friends who have activities besides addition and not explore the new life they have, they will quickly start suffering from a variety of mental health issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Social anxiety

Once an individual begins suffering from mental health issues, relapse is further increased which can additionally lead to a dual diagnosis if treatment is need.

Stop limiting yourself

Learning to adapt to a new life that doesn’t revolve around addiction is challenging, and there will always be obstacles to overcome. However, individuals can go two ways with their sobriety:

  • They can choose to have a positive mindset, look at the circumstance as a new lease on life and achieve everything they once wanted to
  • Or they can lock themselves away from exploring this new life through fear of relapsing

Everyone who feels as though they are stuck or scared of their potential will need to sit down with themselves and define what they truly want from life, what their ideal lifestyle looks like and begin to believe that they will have it.

Write down what needs to be put in place to make these changes, and start thinking about the person you will need to become to live a life closer to your personal goals. These changes do not have to be drastic, they could be as small as going for a walk for 5 minutes. Start with small changes and build them up.

Don’t isolate yourself from the wonders of the world because of fear. Hit the ground running and start living life as you wanted before your addiction. Once you leave your comfort zone and begin trying new adventures, you will quickly start to crave exploring, crave those new experiences, and your addiction will simply be an event of the past.

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