San Diego Alcohol Rehab

San Diego Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol use disorder is considered to be a chronic brain disease. Alcohol abuse or alcoholism can quickly become a severe and very dangerous threat to someone’s life when the body grows to become dependent on the substance. This dependency often reaches the extent of not being able to function through even simple daily tasks without the presence of alcohol in the body’s system. Liver disease is unfortunately fairly common among those who choose to live a life being consumed by alcohol addiction. With that being said, it is quite apparent to recognize that abuse of this substance has proven to become a harmful and dangerous activity. Drinking problems are also noticeable because of the various side effects the user is typically seen to be in a very negative and emotional state when not drinking.

There have been many people who have had a difficult time trying to understand and successfully manage the risk factors involved with long term alcohol consumption. It has been studied extensively throughout history as to why there is such a massive amount of control that alcohol has proven to obtain within the mind and body of an individual who is drinking alcohol. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA) is one of the organizations this is always researching to find answers to the wide variety of questions that have been raised regarding alcohol abuse and addiction. When you sit back and think about it, it is a little confusing when analyzing the effects and risks around alcohol addiction. The reason being that the consumption of alcohol itself is not illegal or necessarily a problem. It is even encouraged in many celebratory situations. But drinking too much or too often can increase the risk of a severe health complication developing and the full range of consequences that follow.

More than 85.6% of people ages 18 and older report drinking in their lifetime.
71% of these people reported drinking in the last year.
More than 56% reported drinking in the past month.
More than 24% reported binge and heavy drinking within the past year.

Anyone that has conjured up the courage to tackle addiction requires a lot more than a simple treatment. As San Diego’s top-rated recovery center, our experts know that you need more than a step-by-step plan to help you recover. Each individual needs:

Immediate attention to specific symptoms and any health complications.

Emotional support as the individual learns about the impact alcoholism has had on their life and loved ones.

Compassion, understanding and recovery coaching, as the individual becomes aware of the hardship to overcoming the craving.

At Shoreline Recovery Center

Our doctors, therapists, counselors, and peer coaches all understand the psychiatric, psychological and medical conditions that contribute to addiction. We understand how frustrating the process can be to attain a long-lasting sober life.

Whilst treatment is beneficial for your overall well-being, it is not uncommon to relapse after a period of recovery. Many addicts, after relapsing, will sink back into an unhealthy mind-set and carry on with their addictive behavior. This is why it is so important to understand what a relapse is and how to respond to the situation with personalized levels of care.

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The Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

At our San Diego alcohol rehab center, we recognize that without the appropriate treatment, addiction can result in a whole host of long-term physiological and physical problems such as:

Heart Disease

Job Loss

Brain Damage


Liver Disease

Legal Problems

Broken Relationships with Family and Friends

Severe Cases Resulting in Death

Finding An Alcohol Treatment Facility

When an individual is searching to find the right mental health and addiction treatment center, it should be among the top priorities to have the focus geared towards only the treatment facilities of the highest caliber. By doing this, there can be some comfort in knowing that the chances of recovering from alcohol addiction remain the best.

One of the more important of these is to make sure that the rehab center has qualified and received the Joint Commission Accredited certification. The Joint Commission is recognized as the absolute gold standard of accreditation and certification for behavioral and medical healthcare providers throughout the United States. By earning and being proud and deserving owners of this certification, our Shoreline Recovery addiction center in San Diego has proven to meet the highest, most rigorous practices, standards, requirements, and procedures that are required by JCAHO accredited addiction recovery facilities and programs. Our expert doctors, therapists, and other medical staff are equipped to professionally treat our patients with alcohol detox programs with the accompanying withdrawal symptoms, as well as any other mental health disorders that are being suffered from as well.

Alcohol Addiction Rehab Treatment

At our top-rated San Diego alcohol rehab facility, we incorporate the perfect combination of treatment practices that are always specifically designed to treat each one of our clients individually. Our educated and highly trained alcohol addiction specialists have successfully developed the necessary skills and techniques to help each patient complete the difficult and often complicated path to fully recovering from their harmful addictions.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Following the completion of the necessary detox programs to eliminate the alcohol from the body, many industry experts agree that patients should remain to be closely monitored in case any sudden attention is needed to treat side effects or symptoms that may still be lingering. Withdrawal is one of, if not the most consistent reasons that cause recovering addicts relapse and fall back into a life of drinking or using drugs. In an outpatient rehab facility, there are many resources available that are available to support and help to get through the individually complicated processes associated with alcohol withdrawal. The addiction specialists at Shoreline Recovery in San Diego continually strive to minimize the side effects until each patient’s system is cleansed of the alcohol so that all the focus can be geared towards sobriety and a healthy lifestyle.

Post Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Aftercare

Throughout the rigorous alcohol addiction treatment process, we understand the importance of providing our patients with the appropriate lessons and lectures on relapse prevention. Many of these instructional lessons are designed with helping recovering addicts to learn how to spot the crowds of people or any specific places that pose a potential threat of driving them to return themselves to drink again. With the knowledge and guidance that these lessons can provide, many skills and techniques can be developed for both avoiding and successfully handling different triggers. By mastering these skills, there is a significant decrease in chances that an alcoholic beverage will be picked up and consumed to cope with any hardship or difficult time being experienced in their life.

Shoreline Recovery Can Help

Shoreline Recovery Center is here to help with all types of substance abuse, no matter how severe your case may be. Our experts handle your situation on a case-by-case basis to provide you with maximum support possible. Our San Diego rehab center offers both individual and group treatment options daily. We understand that life can unexpectedly become extremely challenging. And because of that, many are looking for an easy way to escape. However, developing a habit that can lead to addiction to any substance is never a positive way to deal with many negative aspects of life. If you or someone you know are in dire need of assistance towards an alcohol-related problem and reside within the San Diego area, contact us TODAY and see how we can help transform and potentially save your life.