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What Is Heroin?

Heroin is an illegal substance that is synthesized from morphine, and the most common uses are for self-medicating treatments and recreational purposes. Heroin creates a relaxed lethargic euphoria that can take over within seconds of consuming the drug. Heroin can be snorted or smoked, but the high will hit quicker if injected. Chances of overdose and addiction also occur faster and more likely when the injection method is used to administer the dose of heroin. Learning to recognize the devices and other objects affiliated with heroin use and what the drug looks like can play a vital role in, like with alcohol addiction, helping you identify substance abuse in a friend or family member you care about and love. Heroin itself is a chalky and powder-like substance. The color can range from white to dark brown or black but usually appears to be off-white. When black, it is often sticky, which is where the term "black tar heroin" got its name. The National Institute On Drug Abuse has published a great deal of content surrounding the results of studies that were done to help medical professionals better understand heroin and how addiction affects so many people in the United States every year. There is a selection of addiction treatment programs available today that treat these dangerous substance use disorders professionally. Specialists dedicate significant amounts of time on these programs in hopes of preventing relapse and to decrease heroin overdose occurrences. At Shoreline Recovery in San Diego, our patients have access to receive extensive treatment, group or individual therapy, and the choice of different behavioral therapies. Our practices have been tested and proven to be effective in drug addiction and other substance abuse treatment.

What Heroin Addiction Looks Like

The physical symptoms of heroin use occur very rapidly. As part of the opioid family, heroin is an extremely addictive substance and is often used in one of the many very unsafe ways. Individuals who are suffering from heroin addiction may be able to hide their addiction briefly from time to time. But there are just too many symptoms that cannot remain hidden for long periods. These signs make it so that friends and family will be able to recognize that something is wrong and that heroin treatment may be required. Physical symptoms of heroin use include:




dry mouth

slow breathing

flushed skin

loss of self-control

constricted pupils

slowed heart rate

heaviness of limbs

confusion or disorientation

memory loss

falling asleep suddenly

difficulty making decisions

severe itching

changes in behavior

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

The initial “comedown” from heroin can vary in time and severity, depending on the individual as fast as 6 to 12 hours after the last dose is when the beginning stages can start. In contrast, heroin withdrawal symptoms typically hit their peak at the 1-3 day mark. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) has been seen in cases where the individual can suffer from intense withdrawals for weeks or even months. In most cases, the severity of the symptoms subsiding gradually over typically a 5 to 7-day span.

Heroin withdrawals are never dull and are usually very complex. Those who have suffered from heroin addiction for an extended period could suffer from more severe and sometimes dangerous symptoms that can cause permanent damage. The duration of these withdrawals depends on several factors. Most importantly including:


Consuming alcoholic beverages to make social encounters less anxiety-prone

Using benzodiazepines in sometimes excessive amounts in hopes of intercepting oncoming panic attacks.

Consuming alcoholic beverages to make social encounters less anxiety-prone

Smoking or using other marijuana products so that emotional pains are hoped to become numb.

The use of cocaine primarily increases the sense of motivation and energy levels to complete daily tasks and responsibilities.

Heroin Addiction Caused Lifestyle Changes

Heroin addiction often can be hard to identify at first. But over time, addiction habits can become much easier to see as it takes over the heroin user’s life. For example, it may seem like someone who is addicted to heroin is seen to worry more about getting their next dose than anything else at that moment.

There are many other behaviors and lifestyle changes heroin use can cause. Heroin injections leave needle marks, so many addicts wear long-sleeve clothing to hide their damaged skin and scars. If they are worried that their addiction is at risk from being discovered, they may withdraw from friends and family members with little thought or care about it. Their work and personal relationships are almost guaranteed to suffer. Social and personal isolation will also become common among those people with heroin addiction. Maintaining their health and personal hygiene also proves to be troublesome among those individuals suffering from their heroin addiction.


Heroin Addiction Treatment

A strong recovery community is crucial to the healing process.  Most successful recovering addicts will attribute their ability to overcome addiction with the help of their peers.  Group Therapy sessions and meetings attended by others who are in treatment can be very insightful and are encouraged as part of the addiction treatment. More specific forms of therapy, such as Cognitive-behavioral therapy are available at our San Diego Rehab.  These modalities are a great source of learning and skill development to manage stress and anxiety. Shoreline Recovery’s heroin rehab facility in San Diego has various resources and treatment programs that can be used at the client’s disposal. They provide ideal opportunities to develop and learn skills and techniques that will be very useful. Learning to recognize specific triggers and how to cope with different situations that naturally occur in everyday life is crucial as you strive to continue accomplishing the goals that may have been set. Our main goal, though, is to provide the best and most comfortable treatment options that are aimed to provide all of our clients the tools they need to maintain their life in sobriety.

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