San Diego Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Takes Time

Take The First Step

Month 1


Team up with highly credentialed addiction doctors, therapists, counselors and peer coaches at our treatment center. Uncover old habits, thought- processes, and choices that get in the way of living a successful life and change them.

  • Intake assessments
  • Physical exam
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Evidence-based treatment groups (ACT, CBT, DBT)
  • Individual and group therapy daily
Month 1

Month 2


All men desire to be independent, successful, confident, self-supporting. Our treatment center will help you get there.

  • Career development/ path planning
  • Holistic group therapy (art, yoga and meditation)
  • Job search
  • Individual family sessions
  • Individual and group therapy (3-5 days)
Month 2

Month 3-5


Implement your new skills. Get back to work, socialize with friends and reconnect with family while being provided continued support and guidance at our treatment center.

  • Clients working or in school 20-40 hours a week
  • Cont. careers / educational coaching
  • Family sessions
  • Individual and group therapy (1-3 days)
Month 3-5

Month 6+


Transition into full-time independent living. Leave our treatment center with confidence, self-esteem and developed skills which will produce real world success and results.

  • Comprehensive discharge planning
  • Assist clients in finding transitional living
  • Assist clients in finding continued therapy
  • Alumni groups
Month 6+


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