Addiction Treatment in San Diego

The development of many harmful addictions is caused by the abuse and misuse of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, and the vast number of different prescription medications.

Each of these substances affects the health and overall well-being of millions living in the United States. The results of the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health that was conducted by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that there were approximately 20.3 million individuals 12 years of age and older that reported having a substance use disorder of some kind within the previous year.


Taking the difficult initial step towards establishing long-term sober sobriety through drug or alcohol treatment programs is a great and empowering way to gain back control over your life. Our San Diego Rehab is a board-certified addiction treatment center, and we know how to take advantage of our prime location in beautiful and sunny Southern California. Our caring specialists understand all that addiction can affect. Precisely because of this, we offer potential patients to have safe and healthy life-changing opportunities through our evidence-based substance abuse treatment programs.


Any drug and alcohol addictions, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders, can be professionally evaluated and treated by our expert staff of doctors and therapists. We offer various forms of behavioral therapy and exceptional support groups to coincide with our addiction treatment programs. We make it a priority to help our patients discover and understand what the root causes have been so that the best drug addiction treatment procedures can be successfully administered.

Why Drug Rehab is Necessary

Drug addiction itself is considered to be a very complicated medical problem that causes a seemingly endless number of negative consequences. So many that in most, if not all cases, nearly every single aspect of the user’s life will be impacted in typically unfavorable ways.


For an individual to be satisfied and consider their rehab process complete and successful, the drug rehab program has to be prepared to accurately address the different signs or symptoms that are being shown. At Shoreline Recovery, we ensure that our addiction specialists are trained to not only focus on the patient’s addictive behaviors and drug use history but also able to diagnose each case. This also helps discover the best solutions to ease the burdens and problems that are likely to provide a large amount of discomfort.


By also offering job skills training, the many occurring disorders can take a back-seat to the newer knowledge being obtained. This training is primarily focused on individually helping our patients become a productive member of society on a personal level. We have seen that this aspect of our drug rehab process has proven to be extremely beneficial. The feedback that we receive most consistently points out that it is both motivating and encouraging to remain sober when there are so many memorable things available to experience when you are sober.

The increased struggles that are then produced may include:

More intensive long-term mental health complications

Experiencing mild to severe withdrawal symptoms

Growing tolerances resulting in higher doses of the drugs needed

Full-blown addiction to drugs and alcohol with all its accompanying consequences and negative side-effects

Addiction is not too difficult to recover from, and not too complex to effectively treat

Generally speaking, the abuse of drugs can easily alter different functions, as well as the overall structure of the brain. This is regularly seen to result in the changes lasting well after the drug use has completely stopped. This may explain why treatment specialists often know this fact as the most accurate research-based reason that the risk of relapse among addicts who may have been sober for an extended period.

There is not one single drug rehab treatment option that is appropriate for everyone

There is quite a variety of addiction recovery treatment options. These specialized options depend on the type of abused drugs, along with the personality traits of each patient. An individual’s ultimate success in completing the addiction treatment process can critically depend on making sure the treatment settings and services being provided to an individual to match the specific issues that are the cause of all the pain and suffering.

By applying these practices and procedures correctly, patients have a much higher chance of being able to return to their productive life successfully. This includes being able to function well in their career, society, and also able to manage any previous family responsibilities.

The right treatment options are always readily available

It is widespread to see those struggling with drug addiction be somewhat uncertain about going to rehab to receiving treatment in the first place. At Shoreline Recovery in San Diego, we know the benefit of taking advantage of services that become available as quickly as possible if the person agrees and is ready to enter a treatment facility. Unfortunately, many potential patients are lost because the rehab facility’s treatment programs were not immediately available or easily accessible. Going along with many other forms of chronic disease, the sooner the treatment can be administered, the higher the probability of a positive outcome.

Drug Rehab Can Help Re-define Your Identity

One of the most crucial relapse prevention practices after an individual gets clean is the need for proper development of coping skills and mechanisms. It is equally important to set aside enough time to properly establish a positive mindset where the desire to return to addiction is no longer a constant worry or feeling. Just like with the sense of grief, it becomes much more comfortable and manageable to deal with as time passes. It should be understood, though, that the urges and feelings of going back never completely go away.

The industry-leading San Diego drug rehab programs that are currently offered at Shoreline Recovery do not create a complete support system at home. Still, it sure does get everything going in all the right directions. There are a lot of changes for an individual upon returning home and maintaining all of life’s responsibilities full-time.

When getting re-established in the workplace and attempting to maintain the new skills and habits they developed in rehab, all medical professionals in the recovery industry agree with the importance of attending meetings or receiving other forms of healthy guidance and direction regularly. Both individual and group setting therapy or visits to a psychologist can also be nothing but a helpful and supportive resource moving forward.

Since there is no single treatment plan that is a perfect fit for everyone, It takes the right combination of skills and a well-executed strategy that can ultimately result in an effective long-term plan.

Take That First Step Today

The addiction specialists at Shoreline Recovery offer a combination of physical, mental, and emotional means of healing that are combined in an evidence-based curriculum focused primarily on substance abuse treatment. Maintaining as holistic and thorough an approach as possible, our plan for recovery is all-encompassing and created to provide the best care for our clients in and around the San Diego, California, area.

Make sure that you get the help that you deserve and change your life for the better by getting sober. Reach out to us today or fill out our contact form to get a free quote.