What is Luxury Rehab?

What is luxury rehab?

When it comes to choosing a rehabilitation center for a drug or alcohol addiction, there are a variety of treatment programs that you can choose from. A range of rehab centers will take patients right out into the wilderness, where they will learn and develop survival skills. On the other hand, rehab centers will place patients in university dorm-style living accommodations, and other centers will offer you a 5-star resort.

The rehabilitation centers offering 5-star luxury treatments will have patients medically supervised for detox with 24-hour round-the-clock care, a bespoke care plan, and as much comfort as can be medically offered. 

The one snag with the rehab centers that offer the 5-star luxury treatment is the cost that comes along with it. It will cost at least a couple thousand more than stand treatment. These centers often appeal to high-profile individuals more than the general American population. 

What is luxury rehab treatment like?

The level of luxury you will receive will ultimately depend on what luxury rehabilitation center you choose; however; they will most likely include:

  • Private room
  • Comfort
  • Nutritious meals prepared by chefs
  • Private therapy treatment 
  • Upscale facilities
  • Massage therapy
  • Fitness studios
  • Swimming pools and jacuzzis

Animal-assisted therapy is a common trend in luxury rehabs; equine-assisted therapy will often be the number one choice of therapy. Utilizing horses in therapy can help regulate emotions and personal responsibility. 

Dolphin-assisted therapy, which will only be seen at the utmost luxury rehabs, has various benefits. Rehabilitation centers near open waters will utilize the treatment type to allow the patients to interact with intelligent sea mammals. Additionally, mountains, lakes, and ocean views are always lovely to add on when in rehab. 

How much does luxury treatment cost?

Like everything in life, the cost of treatment will vary depending on what they offer comfort and treatment-wise; however, one sure thing is that luxury rehabs will be significantly more expensive than any publicly funded treatment centers. 

Some rehabs may offer a long-term financing plan while others may accept credit card payments, but this is not all luxury rehab centers. Luxury alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers will more often have less availability, furthering the center’s exclusivity. 

What are the pros of a luxury rehab center?

The luxury rehab centers will be visually stunning with a wide variety of expensive activities to ensure patients are kept busy and happy in and out of their treatment. 

However, like everything in life, there are pros and cons to a luxury rehab. First, let’s look into the pros:

Individualised treatment plans. 

Every luxury rehab facility will pride itself on offering various treatment options tailored to suit the patient’s personality and addiction disorder. Furthermore, patients may often have the ability to choose what therapist within the facility they would like to have, as well as having access to an alternative treatment that the general public would not get, such as:

  • Animal-assisted therapy 
  • Physical massages 
  • Animal-assisted therapy 


Luxury rehabilitation centers will pride themselves on offering strict privacy and patient confidentiality. Most celebrities, or high-profile names struggling with addiction, will choose to go to a luxury treatment facility to avoid such adverse effects as the press. 


Luxury means one thing, the best of the best. Patients will have the ability to get their hands on a range of amenities and activities that the average rehab center will not be able to offer. Medication and activities can offer temporary anxiety and depression relief, reducing the likelihood of relapse and allowing the patient to develop a healing style mindset. 


The leading luxury rehab centers will provide their patients with a 5-star pampering feeling throughout their stay. Patients will only receive the highest quality of locations, experiences, and services. 

World-class chefs will prepare the foods provided by these luxury rehabs to ensure the food has all the minerals and vitamins needed to keep the body fighting off the addiction. 

Luxury amenities

Luxury rehabilitation will offer spa-like treatment and activities when the patients are not in their treatments. Patients can go through experiences and activities such as horseback riding, swimming, personal massages, and more. 

Cons of luxury rehab 

There is a range of pros when it comes to luxury rehabs. However, there are also a few cons that may make it hard to decide.

Higher cost, mediocre treatment 

Rehabs will label themselves as a luxury; however, it does not necessarily mean that you will receive first-class addiction treatment. These luxury rehabs look like holiday resorts, meaning they have to spend enormous money keeping up appearances and competing with the competition. This, unfortunately, can mean that the money for a therapist, medical professionals, and addiction treatment can often take a back seat. 

Less focus on healing

Patients must learn specific strategies to continue their recovery once they are out of the rehabilitation center. Healing will only work if you can seamlessly transition back into everyday life. Luxury rehabilitation takes away all the stress of life; the facility can be referred to as a spa-like experience, making it hard for patients to transition back to the stresses of reality. 

Furthermore, patients will want more time to experience the activities offered than in treatment, as these sessions can often be mentally hard on the patient. 

What are the alternatives? 

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab centers, there are three categories from which a patient can choose. We have heavily spoken about luxury rehabilitation centers, but what are the other two options?

Institutional rehab

Institutional rehabilitation courses are the most cost-effective option for your average person. However, patients will often have a:

  • Multiple patients in one room
  • Fewer to possibly no amenities
  • Visually less attractive environmental settings
  • Lower quality of food

These rehabs will mainly focus on a 12-step drug or alcohol treatment plan; however, a few resources are left to keep the patient comfortable and busy. 

Institutional rehabilitation programs will often be based on what the insurance will pay for, which can often be seen to include Medicaid and Medicare. The approach is much more affordable for the average person, but the treatment plan will often not be bespoke for the individual, which can vary with success rates. 

Retreat-style rehab

Retreat-style rehabs are often the lesser-known option for alcohol and drug addiction. Still, they are considered the type of facility that bridges the gap between luxury and low-cost institutional rehab centers. 

Patients can often experience a safe and private setting with a few more amenities and activities than an institution rehab. You are more likely but not going to have your room; your time at the rehab will be spent primarily on training your skill sets and undergoing therapy rather than on the luxury amenities that could have been offered. 

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