Faith-Based Recovery

Faith-based recovery

Acknowledging, admitting, and fighting an addiction is an arduous journey for anyone. However, having solid faith can give you the power to persevere and overcome any obstacle or challenge that may come your way. When equipped with the right tools and individuals by your side, you can truly overcome anything, including addiction. According to the National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, 73% of addiction treatment programs in the USA include a spirituality-based element. This is commonly embodied in the 12-step programs and fellowships initially popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous, the vast majority of which emphasize reliance on God or a Higher Power to stay sober.

Here at Shoreline Recovery Center, we create bespoke addiction treatment programs that will provide you will all the above and more to ensure you get on the road to recovery. 

Many individuals struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction will seek spiritual support while fighting to detox their bodies and recover. For individuals who identify as Christians, various addiction treatment programs solely focus on providing spiritual guidance to overcome their addiction. 

Faith-based drug rehab offers

Faith-based drug recovery centers address the recovering addicts’ spiritual and medical needs. If you join a faith-based rehab, the spiritual element will be a big focal point of treatment. However, traditional drug rehabilitation techniques and processes are still vital. 

Conventional methods such as behavioral therapy and assisted detox help individuals manage their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Psychological and medical treatment can take form as:

  • Drug detox
  • Supervised medication for an individual’s withdrawal symptoms 
  • Group therapy 
  • One to one therapy
  • Life skills
  • Emotion and behavioral training

When an individual is within faith-based rehab, a certified spiritual advisor will be present for all guidance counseling sessions when an individual is within faith-based rehabs. Furthermore, the group and the individual session will incorporate a religious leader to aid recovering addicts in their journey to find peace and calm through their faith. 

Like regular recovery support groups, faith-based rehabs will come together and unite those seeking treatment. Creating a tight-knit community in which everyone involved can be open and honest with their feelings has been proven to increase the chances of long-term recovery. Spiritual rehabs will empower recovering addicts against Faith-basedother faith often cause relapse.

Why choose a faith-based rehab 

A study conducted by Baylor University found that religious practice can effectively reduce harmful behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse. Furthermore, supervised mental health counseling can make faith-based recovery effective in battling addiction. These programs have been designed to teach essential factors in an individual emotional, physical, and spiritual care. All of which can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving long-term recovery. 

Reignite your faith and find freedom from your addiction 

Addiction is a nasty disease that can completely rip your life apart. Faith-based treatment will focus heavily on healing your body, mind, and soul. Your body will be treated during the early stages of the treatment program to maximize comfort when you reach the detoxification period. 

Your mind will be healed through counseling. This can include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other faith-based tested clinical, faith-based approaches. 

And lastly, your soul will be healed through the guidance through the spiritual part of the treatment program. 

Return to faith and find your best life  

Addiction to alcohol and drugs will take a painful toll on all parts of your life and your loved ones’ lives. If you are a spiritual person before you become an addict, individuals can often find themselves questioning their faith. Faith-based rehabs will help you and your loved one make it through the tough times, overcome your addiction and regain a steady path in the road to recovery. 

Connect with a faith-based treatment center today

Outpatient and inpatient faith-based drug treatment programs are available up and down the country. Furthermore, there are faith-based drug rehabs for a variety of religions; this can include:

  • Muslim
  • Jewish 
  • Christian 
  • And more 

When you join a faith-based rehab facility, you will be surrounded by peers that are strong in the same faith. Furthermore, this will allow you to reignite your faith and connect with a higher power to embrace the strength and power you need to start the road to recovery and stay sober. 

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